Sunday, February 20, 2011

Laura's Cancer Diet

Many of you have emailed me asking about Laura's cancer diet.   I believe that her diet has kept her strong and healthy and the number one reason she is still alive today.   I have probably spent about more than 30 hours researching various cancer diets for dogs and the best vitamins and supplements to include.   The following is the result of my extensive research.  This diet should work well for any type of dog cancer.

Since cancer cells thrive on the energy that carbohydrates give the body, you must include foods with fewer carbohydrates. Foods with higher fat content, contain lipids. Cancer cannot thrive in the presence of lipids; this allows more amino acids to replicate and aid in the fight against cancer. White rice, wheat and breads have extremely high amounts of carbohydrates, and should not be fed to a dog with cancer.  Cancer cells feed on sugar. We are attempting to starve those cells.

Protein is the most essential part of a cancer diet, since protein is responsible for tissue repair. Foods high in protein, like fish, beef, chicken, pork and eggs, are ideal for cancer sufferers. Not only does protein promote tissue repair, but it also aids in the prevention of cancer in dogs, since cancer cannot thrive on protein.

Below is Laura's Cancer Diet.   I'm including links to the actual products that I give her in the event that you would like to purchase them too.   After the recipe for the diet, I will explain in detail why I choose each ingredient.   Laura is a 54 pound dog, so you will need to adjust the recipe accordingly.

Morning Meal
1 cup of cooked chopped Chicken or Turkey
1 cup of steamed pureed mixed green vegetables
1 cooked scrambled egg
1/4 cup cooked chopped liver
2 tablespoons raw chopped parsley
1/2 clove chopped raw garlic
1 tablespoon raw chopped ginger
Evening Meal
1 cup of cooked chopped Chicken or Turkey
1 cup of steamed pureed mixed green vegetables
1/3 cup of smashed mackerel
1/4 cup cooked chopped liver 
2 tablespoons raw chopped parsley
1/2 clove chopped raw garlic
1 tablespoon raw chopped ginger
1 Vitamin A (10,000 IU)
2 Vitamin C (1000 mg total)
1 Chinese Ginseng (500 mg)
1 IP-6
1 CoQ10
1 Milk Thistle
1 Thorne Vet Immugen
1 L-Arginine
1 Reishi Mushroom
1 Spirulina
1 Tumeric Curcumin
1 BioPerine (Piperine)
1 L-Glutamine
1 Astragalus
1 Tablespoon Essiac Tea
2 Tablespoons of Yogurt (given after her dinner)

Snack: (given 2x per day in-between meals)
2 Tablespoons of cottage cheese
1 Tablespoon of Flax seed oil mixed well with the cottage cheese

Rotating Supplements:   I do one week on of these and then one week off
5 drops of Echinacea 3x day
1 capsule of Yunnan Baiyao at each meal

1 Melatonin (3mg)

Detailed Explanation of Ingredients:

The herb Ashwagandha may slow and even stop the growth of cancerous cells or tumors in the canine body.  Regular use of Ashwagandha also increases hemoglobin levels. Its anti cancer, anti-inflammatory and soothing attributes can assist in providing the dog with an improved quality of life. 

Recent research confirms the positive effect of Astragalus on immune functioning and its ability to help the body fight against illness and disease.  Astragalus may aid in restoring the function of the canine immune system. It also may prohibit the further growth of cancer cells and tumors. Astragalus is considered a supportive herb because it also enhances the effectiveness of other herbs that may be used in homeopathic treatments. Specifically, astragalus treats fatigue, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and helps the body fight colds. 

Recent research indicates that Bromelain, an enzyme that comes from pineapples, may have an anti-cancer effect. 

Chicken or Turkey 
Great source of high quality protein.  I generally use the thighs, legs and breast.   I throw as much as I can in a large crock-pot and let it cook all day.  When it's cooked, I de-bone it and chop it. Some people recommend only using skinless breasts -- but for a cancer dog you want the high fat content.   Remember, a diet with a high fat content may slow tumor growth, and make the body resilient to fight tumor cells.  Leave the skin on! 

Chinese Ginseng (500 mg)
Ginseng has antioxidant properties, protects against cancer formation, stimulates natural killer cell function, inhibits tumor invasion, and has antiangiogenesis properties. 

Cottage Cheese and Flax seed oil
The Budwig Protocol of cottage cheese and flax seed oil found that tumors gradually receded, weakness and anemia disappeared and life energy was restored. Symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction and diabetes were alleviated.  

Coenzyme Q-10 is a supplement with antioxidant properties. It is a compound produced by the body and essential for the production of energy at the cellular level. Coenzyme Q-10 helps protect the heart and helps boost the immune system. . Both these benefits can be very helpful in dogs fighting any form of cancer. Some chemotherapy drugs such as doxorubicin can cause side effects such as heart toxicity in dogs, so CoQ-10 can be given as a supplement to dog cancer patients, especially those on doxorubicin. Incidentally, in humans, supplementation of CoQ-10 with other cancer treatments has been shown to improve survival times. 

This is an herb that has long been used in Europe (and now North America) for boosting the immune system. Dogs with cancer have compromised immune systems, which can be further weakened by chemotherapy. Echinacea can be used re-establish a weakened immune system. 

Essiac Tea
The blend of Essiac tea may help your dog strengthen its immune system, help the body to destroy benign growths and tumors, and strengthen muscles, organs and tissues. The formula also may remove toxic accumulation in your dogs' body, aid in detoxification and elimination, and purify the blood while it adds strength and flexibility to bones, joints and lungs. 

Garlic stimulates immune functions in the bloodstream by increasing the activities of killer cells (cells that seek out and destroy invading microbes and cancer cells). It is therefore beneficial for dogs with suppressed immune systems and dogs fighting cancer. 

Ginger is great for relieving vomiting and queasiness, which is a common side effect brought on by chemotherapy. In addition, ginger can stimulate appetite, so that a dog patient with cancer can eat more which is important for fighting cancer. 

A number of studies support IP6's (inositol hexaphosphate) cancer-fighting properties. Additionally, IP6 has been shown to have potent antioxidant properties. IP6 has been shown in more than 25 studies to prevent the growth of tumors and shrink existing tumors.  

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid required for the normal cellular growth, metabolism and organ function. However, L-Arginine also plays a vital role in inducing cell death. L-Arginine is the common substrate for two different enzymes namely arginase and nitric oxide synthase (NOS). NOS catalyze the conversion of L-Arginine to Nitric Oxide. Arginase catalyzes the conversion of L-arginine to L-ornithine. L-ornithine is an essential component of cell proliferation whereas Nitric Oxide inhibits the proliferation of many cell types. Hence, L-Arginine can be used as a treatment option for curing certain specific types of cancers.
In a recent study conducted on dogs suffering with lymphoblastic lymphoma, researchers were able to increase survival time to a significant level by providing L-Arginine and fish oil as a dietary supplement. L-Arginine was found to lower the levels of lactic acid and insulin in the blood and also reduce the levels of cytokines that can help in the growth of cancer. L-Arginine also helps in enhancing immunity in cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy or surgery. Certain cancer types do not require L-Arginine for their growth. Studies have shown that overloading such cancer cells with excess L-Arginine has resulted in decreased tumor growth. 

L-glutamine is useful for fighting muscle wasting associated with cancer and also shows promise as an immune boosting supplement and may even be useful as an antioxidant. It is useful in this capacity to help support the dog’s immune system and help maintain body weight. 

A dog with cancer is building a lot of new tissue, and adequate proteins and cell membrane compounds (omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids) are required to do this. Lipiderm is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. 

Contains a lot of nutrients and large amounts of vitamin A and iron.  I usually use a mixture of beef and chicken. 

Certain fatty acids called Omega 3, 6 and 9 are required in fighting cancer. Fish oil is a good source of these specific fatty acids.  In a diet supplemented with fish and the amino acid arginine appears to increase survival time in dogs with cancer.  Sardines may also be substituted, but they are expensive.   Amazon has a great deal on a case of Mackerel (Roland brand).    

Melatonin used with chemo versus chemo alone more than doubled the survival time of human cancer patients.  A study looked at over 600 cancer patients with a variety of solid-tissue tumors received melatonin.  The 1 year survival time of the group that took melatonin was more than a third greater than those that did not.  

Milk Thistle
Thіѕ herb саn protect thе liver against harmful bу-products οf thе cancer. Aѕ well, milk thistle іѕ effectual іn protecting thе body frοm liver destruction resulting frοm chemotherapy. 

Mixed Green Vegetables
Cancer dogs need antioxidant-rich vegetables to strengthen their immune system. Choose dark green vegetables.  I use a mix of broccoli, spinach, asparagus spears, cabbage, brussel sprouts, celery, collard greens, mustard greens and bok-choy.   These are great sources of  many important vitamins and they are all very low carb.   I use a large steamer to cook them until they are mushy and then puree them in my food processor.  Make sure to puree the vegetables, since dogs do not possess the enzymes that break the layer outer cellulose layers in vegetables.  I also throw in about a teaspoon of ground up egg shells in the vegetable mixture for the calcium. 

Parsley acts like an antioxidant in that it neutralizes the negative effects of the environment by eliminating toxins and maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels. It is very beneficial for the liver, digestive system, to re-boot the immune system, reduce stress levels in the endocrine system and will benefit every area of digestion.  

Pet Tab multi vitamin
Pet tabs is a great multi vitamin to make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs.  Vitamins and supplements play an important role in maintaining health and vitality.  

Reishi Mushroom
Reishi mushrooms work to stimulate the immune system. By doing so, they restrict and prevent the growth of cancer cells.  Reishi is known to stimulate the production of potent natural anti-cancer substances that inhibit the growth of tumors. It can prevent the growth of secondary cancers, and reduces side-effects of chemotherapy. 

Has the ability to prevent and slow down cancer growth in dogs, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.   

Scrambled Egg
Good source of protein.  Protein repairs damaged tissues.  

A mineral and a major antioxidant nutrient. Selenium protects cell membranes and helps prevent free radical generation.  Selenium can deliver a real punch against dog cancer. There have been over one hundred studies done in animals that yielded some fascinating results. As it turns out selenium has the ability to prevent numerous types of cancer. How important is selenium in the fight against cancer? One study found that high doses of selenium were able to stop cancer from forming by eighty to ninety percent.   

Spirulina increases the level of white cells in the blood and of nucleated cells and DNA in the bone marrow of mice that had been subjected to chemotherapy and radiation. In dogs, the spirulina extract additionally increased the level of red blood cells. Spirulina "has chemo-protective and radio-protective capability, and may be a potential adjunct to cancer therapy.  Studies show Spirulina or its extracts can prevent or inhibit cancers in humans, animals, and fish. 

Thorne Vet Immugen
Comprehensive immune support product that contains vitamins, minerals, glandular, and herbs with immune-supportive properties.  Activates natural-killer cells and promotes the body's innate resistance to pathogens. 

Tumeric Curcumin
Studies done on laboratory animals suggest that curcumin has significant anti-cancer activities and properties. Curcumin is making huge strides in cancer cures, as it not only inhibits tumor growth, but it shrinks existing tumors and prevents new ones from growing in carcinogenic cancers.  

Vitamin A (10,000 IU)
Vitamin A is an important antioxidant which may protect against certain forms of cancer in dogs. 

Vitamin C
Antioxidant.  Vitamin C works with vitamin E and helps regenerate vitamin E, potentiating its antioxidant effect. Vitamin C supplementation does no harm, since the excess is excreted through the kidney. While dogs produce vitamin C in their bodies (unlike human beings who must have it in their diet), under stress or disease, they may need vitamin C in excess of their manufacturing capacity.  

Vitamin E  
Evidence suggests that Vitamin E prevents cancer.  Vitamin E does stimulate immunity and may help counteract the side effects of chemotherapy.  

Yogurt can boost immunity, is a rich source of calcium and and improves the bioavailability of other nutrients. 

Yunnan Baiyao
If your dog has hemangiosarcoma, leukemia, or any type of bleeding tumor, you’ll want to know about Yunnan Baiyao (aka Yunnan Paiyao), a Chinese herb that stops bleeding. Yunnan Baiyao has been used in Asia for more than one hundred years and is considered a miracle drug for wounds and hemorrhage. It first gained recognition by western practitioners during the Vietnam War. The Vietcong carried it with them and took it if they were wounded to stop bleeding and recover more quickly.  It is now recognized as an effective remedy for reducing clotting time by as much as 55%.  Hemangiosarcoma is a very deadly cancer in dogs,  which generally isn't diagnosed until the dog collapses or dies. This sort of cancer is genetic, hereditary, and it runs in bloodlines. It causes a tumor in the heart (also seen in the spleen, and other organs) that leads to fluid build-up in the pericardium. Yunnan Baiyao has been used successfully to relieve the fluid build up and help with the dog's comfort level.


  1. I understand the qualities that various supplements are supposed to have, but how did you arrive at this list? Did you have a holistic vet assist you in your selection? Could you share more about your process in planning her diet? And, how is Laura doing today?

  2. I basically did tons of research on the internet and learned from what seemed to be successful with other people in similar circumstances. I also consulted with a holistic vet via phone and email. Finally, I presented it to my regular vet (who is not holistic) and he helped me refine it somewhat. He wholeheartedly approved this final version. Laura seems to be doing better than ever on this diet. I can say her coat and nails have never looked so good. She also seems to have a ton of energy and seems to be very happy with it. She loves it!

  3. Wow...I read all the blogs and amazing that she is alright now.

  4. Hi,how is Laura doing today? I have a golden recently diagnosed with this hideous disease, he is 5 weeks post splenectomy and is anemic due to more bleeds and has a very fussy appetite. This list of supplements is fantastic but don't know how I would ever get them all into him. Did your pup willingly eat all her special diet supplements and all?

  5. Rusty's Mum -- If your golden is anemic due to bleeding, please try the Yunnan Baiyao. At the first sign of whiteness in Laura's gums, that is the first thing she gets and within hours they always brighten up. As far as her other supplements, I coat them in Lipiderm (oil) and throw them in the back of her mouth and hold her mouth shut and rub her neck until she swallows.

    1. Hi Laura's Dad

      I only found this site last evening, and firstly want to say how sorry I am to read that you have lost your precious Laura. I can only imagine the rench that that must have been.
      You and her have done a HUGE amount to help others like myself.
      I and my beloved Chart (German Shepherd) have been travelling this journey since 1 June this year. Emergency splenectomy on 1 June, and then the slow recovery. I have used various supplements, but the most important one is Salvestrol. Worth looking at (google Salvestrol cancer cure). I was SO sure that I had beaten this dreaded disease untill Tuesday this week when Chart had a moderate bleed. So the tumor has spread and now I have to deal with it. Also using YB, but have taken him off the curcumin, vitC, and the good slamon oil as all are noted as blood thinners.....something we do not need with hemangiosarcoma. Chart is back to normal, but I would love to hear from you or anyone, what you think about me staying away from these supplements to avoid thin blood, but to stand the chance then of not hammering the cancer ? I too have worked SO hard at this, and love my fellow with all my heart. Please contact me.
      All very much appreciated.
      Peter and Chart

  6. How is your doggie? My dog also has hemangiosarcoma.


  7. PS Has anyone tried the Blood & Endurance tablets? I'm interested in knowing how other dogs have reacted to them. I can elaborate, if necessary.


  8. Hi,
    I am very impressed on how you are dealing with your dog's hemangiosarcoma. Mine was diagnosed 10 days ago and I am very confused and upset. I hope to hear good news from you about Laura, hopefully mine will get better too!
    God bless!!


    1. My 10 y/o golden was diagnosed yesterday with hemangiosarcoma of the heart. I also am confused and upset, but trying to put that aside and take a proactive approach. I am still not sold that she has this because the cardiologist could not tell me how large the mass of the heart was (sound unusual??) and hoping the fluid around the heart could be from unknown cause. That being said, they pretty much told me there is nothing I can do for her except make her comfortable. She is eating although lethargic . I know you post was from several years ago but wondering what you did to assist your dog. I plan on giving her the yunnan baiyao

    2. Dalmatian Wolfhound was diagnosed on 11-15-15 and had a splenectomy. He's home and doing well now but I will be spending all the time I can with him. My question to Laura's Dad: If you could go back to when sweet Laura was first diagnosed, would you have chosen to do chemo and give her all those supplements /special diet? And if anyone would like to put together a group where we could talk about our feelings of grief, helplessness and hope, please feel free to email me at Thanks...and God Bless you, Laura's Dad.

  9. Hello,
    We have very similar stories. My dog Tyler was just diagnosed a little over a week ago. Same thing, emergency splenectomy, etc. We have done a lot of research as well and have him on a similar diet. We are going to incorporate a few of the things you are doing too. I'm very into therapeutic grade essential oils and I've been using them for Ty's HSA. We use frankincense, lemon, and orange in a 00 gelatin capsule and top it off with some organic olive oil. We only use Young Living internally, as they are the best oils available. Good luck with Laura. We'll drop by often to see how she is doing. Stay strong.

    1. Young Living oils have actually tested as adulterated in one of Dr. Pappas last tests... There is no evidence frankincense essential oil stops cancer. Studies quoted were made with boswellic acid which is present in the resin but not in the essential oil.

    2. Young Living oils have actually tested as adulterated in one of Dr. Pappas last tests... There is no evidence frankincense essential oil stops cancer. Studies quoted were made with boswellic acid which is present in the resin but not in the essential oil.

  10. Hello,
    My Cattle Dog was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma on his heart. He has bleeding in the area around his heart causing pressure. The vets I brought him to did not do much for him. I have never felt so helpless.
    Where did you find all the supplements especially the Yunnan Baiyao?

    Thank you,
    Tom & Smokey

  11. would yunnan paiyao or any of the supplements you suggested help STOP the growth of fatty tissue (benign) tumors?

  12. I am currently using Vascustatin & Beta Glucan with K9Immunity & K9Transfer, DHA,MAXGXL which is a Glutathiome accelerator & digestive enzymes along with the diet which I alternate with raw grass fed mince with the VGs. My maltese x has a bladder tumor.For now this protocol seems to be working. I have Hydrazine Sulfate on had just in case things go downhill. Thank for you list, I'm going to alternate with a few of them.

  13. My 9 y.o. border collie Maisie has HSA. I have her on a special diet (mostly protein and veggies), focusing on cooling foods (turkey, pork, eggs, rabbit, white fish). I mix in a little Hills n/d canned food each day as well as 8 omega capsules. She also takes 1 yunnan baiyao capsule twice a day. If she shows signs of bleeding, I'll give her additional y.b. tablets. My vet (who specializes in eastern medicine) also put her on a blood tonifier and strengthener called Wei Qi Booster that I mix in with her food. It's been 1 month since Maisie collapsed from a tumor rupturing in her spleen. She is doing great, and I am cherishing each day I have with her.

  14. Thank you for keeping this blog and sharing your research. Please know that what you have done here is helping others. It is helping me. My dog, Atticus, has survived 9 months so far with Hemangiosarcoma, the oncologist vet says its in remission now. We have taken your diet and supplement advice and coupled it with work with a nutritionist and holistic vet. We are extremely appreciative of the work you have done here. We understand your love for Laura as ours is the same for Atticus.

  15. I was looking at the list of herbs very nice dog has had a malignant tumor on his leg slowly growing for almost 2 years now. I have taken a holistic approach which i feel has helped slow the progression as he is now 16. My question is where could i find dosage amounts for these herbs as most only list human quantities? Primarly interrsted in herbs and minerals that slow tumor growth. Thanks for the help

  16. Hi Lauras Dad...Im sorry to hear if your loss of your best friend. I have an 11yo german shepherd who is recovering from an emergency splenectomy and liver biopsy on 9/25 that confirmed hemangiosarcoma on 9/28. She is doing well but goes throughout the day with pale pink gums and tongue..shes on that chinese YB drug 3x's a day for 5 days (I can continue it if I'd like to for her but its not ordered from vet) I dont understand why not but I will keep her on it and ask how often should she have it? I feed her her regular food pedigree chicken and natural seal dry plus boiled hamburg,, boiled chix and vitamin C and E and will add garlic and garlic pills as well as some others youve mentioned. But where do I find the correct dosage for her (she now weighs 80lbs, lost some weight) any hekp/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Laura was a vvery lucky furface to have you for her Dad! Kim

  17. Hi Kim. I am happy to help in whatever way I can. I keep on reading that carbs feed cancer, so your dog food might not be optimal. Check out Hills' n/d diet. Any chicken, tuna, beef, turkey is great. I scaled back from 2 y.b. per day to 1. I give her more whenever her gums seem very pale. I recommend visiting a vet who practices eastern medicine, in addition to your traditional vet. 3 months post emergency splenectomy and hemangiosarcoma diagnosis, Maisie is still living a quality life! Sending my best to you and your sweet dog!

  18. I am so sad to say that Maisie succumbed to HSA on Wednesday, dying peacefully in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. I would like to donate and send her remaining packages of yunnan baiyao to someone with a dog in need. I truly believe they extended Maisie's life and bought her a few wonderful, quality months. Let me know if you are interested.

  19. hi my dog karma just got her spleen removed monday after collapsing saturday they needed to get her blood stabalised and give her 2 tranfusions before doing so. A mass was found and i now have to wait for the results but i understand 2/3 of cases are cancerous. Its so nice to find some useful information. i got my girl home today and shes doing well. Very grateful not to have lost her like that but very scared for the future.

  20. Does anyone know if Yunnan Baiyao is available in Canada. I have heard you can get it on Amazon but not sure if it can be shipped up here.

  21. Anonymous, so sorry, so so sorry. Crossing my fingers for you! If you end up needing yunnan baiyao, I'm happy to send you Maisie's remaining meds. My email is

  22. My boy had an emergency splenectomy last Wednesday night (Oct 24) and last night we received the results that it is hemangiosarcoma. I'm in the process of researching foods and supplements. Thanks for all the info in the blog.

  23. Great find!!! Magic Mushroom that may help with HSA!

  24. Hello, I am very new here and new to the lingo but today I have had devastating news about my girl and im trying to make sense and try to see a way forward for her if the tumor (the size of a puppy in her abdomen) turns out to be cancer and therefore inoprable. Im really feeling hopeless, she is such an angel, I dont quite know why the universe has done this to her. She is a fussy eater at the best of times but some of the things listed would be very yummy to her! I have been speaking to friends all day but no one understands the loss I am preparing for. many thanks, Michelle.

  25. My baby Mico on15 years was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with HSA. The tumor in his liver is inoperable, an oncologist wants to try a round of Chemo. I have started the holistic therapies, and am going to refine based on data and posts here. I was just wondering what your guys thoughts are regarding Chemo. Right now besides weight loss he is doing well, happy, eating, drinking. A bit more tired then noal but that is to be expected. Could really use some insight as the Oncologist who also practices eastern medicine thinks we should start ASAP. Thanks everyone, amazing support and stories!!!

    1. My dog Katie also has HSA and just had surgery on Monday for a tumor on her liver. They were only able to remove 2/3 of the tumor since there were blood vessels involved. The doctor said chemo might not work but we can try low doses. I am meeting with an oncologist next week. I will do anything for her and try to make the rest of her life happy. Katie is only 10 no signs of anything just blood work came back abnormal. Than ultrasound told us different. Best to you and Mico. It's so hearting breaking.

  26. Try the round of chemo! Dogs take it very well, your pup may have an upset stomach for a day, but after that, they are back to normal. It's certainly worth a try, especially if it will extend the quality of your dog's life.

    1. I have to say, it is comforting to know I am not alone and not the only one feeling completely devastated right now. My beloved rescued pit bull "Earl Grey" had an emergency spleenectomy on Thursday. We were at the vets for something totally unrelated and he needed an xray - thats when my vet saw this HUGE blob on it...he sent us for an ultrasound and specialists removed his spleen but wouldnt know if it was malignant or benign until after its removal. I got the bad news last night. HSA. I've been researching all day and so glad I found "Lauras Dad" who ever you are...thank you. My dogs (I also have a 6 year old pit bull with lymphoma currently going through chemo) were raw fed and my vet said get them off raw and on kibble but I dont want to fill them full of crap carbs so Im glad I found your recipes. You must have spent hundreds of hours on thank you for sharing and making it easier for the rest of us. My dogs tumour was caught before it ruptured so Im hoping this will give us some more time...I cannot imagine life without him. I cant do the whole chemo protocal with doxy as Earl has a heart arrythmia already but the oncologist suggested a daily oral does of that along with your food/supplement regime is what we are going to try...thansk again Laura's dad. I am very sorry fo ryour loss but know that you are greatly helping others by sharing her story. :) I will keep you posted!

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  28. Thank you for maintaining this blog. I am sorry about your beautiful girl. My 6-year-old whippet girl was just diagnosed (splenectomy and partial liver lobe removed) and I will be switching her over to your diet as soon as I receive all the supplements. Because she is so young and otherwise healthy, I hope this page will have given me more high-quality time with her.


    Denise in San Diego

    1. Denise, I'm so sorry to hear - Just wanted you to know that I am going through the same thing with my senior gentleman (my comment was the last before yours) I am going today to get all the necessary supplements and greens etc...and we are starting today to eat right and try to starve cells and slow progression...perhaps we should keep in touch...for support and any info we can share with each other...whats working, what isnt...etc...I had never even heard of hemangiosarcoma before this and I already have a dog going throiugh chemo right now for lymphoma as well as losing my other dog to lymphoma but this HS is all new to me... :( I wish you both well...the most valuable thing I have learned from my dogs, which is really helpful right now is to just live in the moment! If you'd like to keep in contact, let me know...and Ill send you my email addy...
      Stay strong!
      Michelle in Toronto.

  29. Hi everyone.
    I am so pleased to have stumbled across this site, and to see that there is active posting is even better.
    My best friend in the whole world, Jopie, was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma on my birthday in June 2012. He wasnt quite himself a couple of days prior to his collapse, and I just assumed it was maybe his Lyme disease acting up again. On the day of my birthday, he collapsed, and I rushed him to the vet. His gums were completely white, he couldnt stand, and looked terrible. I received the terrible news the following day following the ultrasound. They said his lungs looked clear, and after discussing everything imaginable, we decided to go forward with the emergency splenectomy. Jopie was 11 years, 9mo old. As always, he pulled through the surgery and his recovery went rather smoothly. We decided to start chemo. The 1st round of chemo went extremely well. After the 2nd dose, he had a terrible reaction which caused him to spike a fever of 105.6F. He was admitted to the hospital, but pulled through after a couple of days. After that experience, we decided to continue the chemo, but at a lower dose, and not in conjunction with the oral chemo....
    That being said, I am also a naturalist. I have a disease myself that I treat only with diet and supplements and it works for me (at this time). As we decreased the chemo, and then eventually stopped, his consistent regimen included Vit b12 injections, multi B vitamin, 2000 vit c qd, 20,000 vit a qd, 1000 vit e qd, olive leaf qd, turkey tail mushroom qd, COQ10 qd, and most recently iron 25mg qd. In addition to all of this, he has been consistently eating a high protein diet, consisting of liver, red meat, chicken, turkey, and carrots, sweetpotatoes, and peas (mind you, he manages to spit out all the veggies, so I puree them). As he is also a behavioral eater, I have had to force feed him 1 to 2 meals each day for the past 9 months.
    With all of this being said, it seems that we have come to the last leg of our journey together. There isnt anything I want more than to have my guy be here with me forever, but his body will not let him. What is happening at this point, is another tumor has developed somewhere, and its bleeding internally... slowly. His rbc's are dropping, and it will be a matter of days until I lose my friend. I have already told him its okay to go in his sleep if he wants, but each day he wakes up again. Its to the point where is he walks more than a couple of feet, he gets short of breath and needs to lay down.
    He is not in pain. He just doesnt have any oompf, and since his rbc's are so low its to be expected.
    I guess Im writing all of this as a part of my own therapy, but to also shed light that I had the most amazing 9 months with him. The surgery was the scariest thing I ever chose to do, but dont regret a second. I also dont regret any of the worry or sadness that I have felt during this time either. I would do it all again. And in a heartbeat.
    As I type all of this, Jopie is faithfully lying next to me. He is licking his paw. He is so loyal. I love him so very much, but know that its my duty as a good parent to set him free soon so that he can return to his glory days in Heaven.
    Thanks for reading.
    Good luck with all of your journeys.
    Paola (

  30. What a wonderful post. Thinking of you and Jopie. Enjoy each moment and bask in the radiant memories you have made!

  31. can you give yunnan baiyao with fish oil? I read somewhere no milk, fish, or beans. Please advise thanks! Joan

  32. Hello. We just found this and it is amazing for us. Our girl us a 6 year-old mini Australian Shepherd, Pimmsy, who is our heart. She too had an emergency splenectomy and was diagnosed with this horrible cancer early this year. We have just finished traditional chemotherapy and she did really well through it. We feel so helpless now. We would do anything for her and will ask our oncologist about this diet. How do you all and how did all get through this nightmare? Our hearts are breaking.

  33. I am so inspired with this. Me and my alternative treatments to cancer center appreciates the things that you have shared here. Thanks a lot!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am very sorry for you loss. My 12 year old lab just underwent a spenectomy and I was totally blindsided by the diagnosis of Hemangiosarcoma. Please know that the loving memory of your Laura will live on for everyone that is helped by this posting and information. Peace and Love. Carol

  35. My 9yr cocker spaniel had her kidney and tumor removed in Feb 2013; diagnosis was Hemangiosarcoma, maybe 2-3 months. The surgeon was very hesitant to even give me the 2-3 month opinion. She has passed the five month mark and looking great and doing wonderful. She is taking "I'm Yunity" daily along with SD g/d kibble. She can not tolerate the green veggies which I gave whole. After doing some reading on this site I am wondering if I pureed with chicken, etc. the would make a difference. Hope to hear your opinion. Thank you Rita M

  36. Where is the best place to order Yunnan from? Our 11yr old Aussie was just diagnosed with it on the right side of her heart. They drained 300cc from the sac around her heart.

    1. My 8 year old bullmastiff was just diagnosed with it on her right side of her heart also. :( I live in Houston and actually found it at a grocery store called Hong Kong Market. Not sure if you have that where you live, but you can definitely find it on Amazon.

  37. My 13 year old Belgian Malinois was diagnosed yesterday. I am still in tears as they said there is nothing they can do. I am so glad I found your sight. Has anyone had any luck of longevity with a dog that cannot have surgery?

  38. My GSP was diagnosed in August when I noticed his belly swollen and he didn't seem to have his usual spunk. His spleen has ruptured and he had more blood in his abdomen than in his blood supply. After they removed his spleen he was doing great until a month later when the swelling began again. My emergency vet said there was nothing they could do but the holistic vet I had taken him to after the diagnosis put him on Yunnan Baiyao and within two pills he was like himself again. He has been going for three weeks and occasionally seems like he might have had another bleed but I just boost up the YB and I also came across some research on a mushroom called Yun Zhi. A clinical trial was done and it is shown to do better than chemo on slowing the disease and has no negative side effects. he has been on it now for just four days but he has been doing great. I will let you know how he progresses. My holistic vet also put him on a high protein, high fat, no carbs diet. He doesn't like the immune boosting tea but the chicken, beef and fish get him to try it anyway.

  39. My dog Bowser had an emergency spleenectomy this thanksgiving morning. I appreciate all the great info here...My question is how do you know if your dog 'shows signs of bleeding'? Isn't the bleeding internal? Thanks, K

    1. forgot to mention he is 10 and was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma

  40. Hi All,
    Yesterday our precious Syberian Husky son Lucky was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and this morning most of his abdominal tumors and spleen were removed by a 4 hr surgery.He is still at the clinic and the doc will release him tomorrow if no complications come up. We are devastated. We would appreciate all the helpful info.

  41. we lost our lab to hemagiosarcoma 1 1/2 years ago he was 10. two months ago we found out our 6 year old lab has the same thing. They removed the tumor from his liver and gave him 3-6 months. I have taken him off of all dog food and I am making his food myself. He seems to be doing fine playing with our other dogs but seems to get tired quicker.I have looked for hours upon hours on the internet for information. Thank you all for your stories it makes me realize I am not alone. I still do not understand why this happens and what we could do to prevent it. But again thank you all

  42. Hi, everyone! I have a dog,named hin-doong. and he is 14. Last year, i knew hea has hemangiosarcomas with his right atrium,spleen,liver. he received treatment for cancer for 3 monthts. afteri that, I just take care of my dog at home.
    after he has cancer, i looked for many internet site. but i couldn't find such as this site. Thanks for your sharing information.

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  44. Artemisinin for dogs with Cancer look it up and the work of Dr.Henry Lai of the University Of Washington.

  45. my 8 year golden was just diagnosed... we are heartbroken... we are going to a holistic vet tomorrow...

  46. So glad I found this! We are going through this with my 11 year old husky lab mix. We decided to take the natural approach to her cancer treatment. We enrolled her at a trial at U PENN where they are looking at a Chinese mushroom as a treatment option to tumor growtth. Thank you for all of your information. We will definitely be using it.

  47. Like so many others have said, we have just found out that our German Shepherd Xena has hemangiosarcoma in her spleen. She is 12 years old. We were offered the option of removing her spleen today with immediate surgery, but her blood counts are so low [RBC-3.34, HCT 20.5, HGB 7.6] that the vet was concerned she would not make it through the surgery. The vet also explained the recovery would be very challenging and "probably will only give her 2 or 3 months more." We do not want our dog suffering post surgery and struggling, so we chose to leave without the surgery. I asked if there was anything else we could do or if there was any way to get her blood count up and was told no, but cautioned not to let her jump, bump her side, etc. The only good thing is that the vet said she did not see any metastasis outside of the spleen but said the tumor in the spleen is very large, near softball size.
    Then I read all these responses.... and I am not just devastated but totally confused... It seems most proceeded with the splenectomy followed by treatment of one form or another.
    Clearly this is a devastating issue and we must do something fast. We had taken her in to have her teeth checked and she needs a dental surgery for a bad tooth. So they did the pre-dental blood work while also telling me that she really looked good after the exam, then came back with the blood work showing extreme anemia. Her blood work done last November was very good very normal. And all of her other fields in her blood work are very good.... just the ones mentioned already were bad.
    So now I don't know what to do.... How do we fight this? Do we risk surgery versus keeping her home with us as long as possible and risk rupture of the spleen and death? Do we try all these different methods above and hope for the best? I am so confused. We love our dog and want her with us as long as possible and not in pain. She is eating, drinking, going potty, but lays a lot because she tires easily.... Please someone give me your feedback! Thanks much.... Cheryl in Ohio

    1. Wanted to update my post above about Xena. I ordered the yunnan baiyao and after 10 days on it at just 2 a day, her blood count was up 50% as were her platelets. The vet was excited that now she could proceed with a splenectomy so she took the next step and did ultrasounds. We were devastated to be informed of several masses in Xena's liver and we were told "maybe days... maybe a few weeks." She was given anesthetic for the ultrasound to allow the best views and the anesthetic made her very very ill. For the next 36 hours all she did was throw up, have diarrhea, and lay around very weak. Once she got past that, she was eating and had two great days almost seeming "normal." But now she can't keep her food down. She has desire to eat, will eat small amounts, but it comes back up eventually. She is retaining and processing a small amount of food. I have tried chicken, eggs, natural foods, and eventually anything little thing I could get her to eat because she was not eating anything at all. I am now out of the yunnan b, her duralactin that she has been on for nearly 9 months that helps with arthritic pain, and have ordered Xiao Chai Hu Tang, but none will be here for a few days yet. Vet told me to give her pepcid for her stomach, but the problem remains that she eats then throws up later. She is still drinking and peeing, and has normal bowel movements. The vet gave us tramadol to try but with such a sensitivity to meds that she has I have not given it to her thinking perhaps it would make her stomach even sicker.... any suggestions would be helpful.... I am feeling hopeless and the lack of response from here isn't helping. If anyone does read this and has suggestions, please please post! Thank you.

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  49. My 10 y/o golden was diagnosed yesterday with hemangiosarcoma of the heart. I also am confused and upset, but trying to put that aside and take a proactive approach. I am still not sold that she has this because the cardiologist could not tell me how large the mass of the heart was (sound unusual??) and hoping the fluid around the heart could be from unknown cause. That being said, they pretty much told me there is nothing I can do for her except make her comfortable. She is eating although lethargic . I know you post was from several years ago but wondering what you did to assist your dog. I plan on giving her the yunnan baiyao. Any advice --

  50. What form of yunnan biayao did you use? Our 10-year-old Golden Girl has just been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma that presented as a muscle tear and sac of blood beneath the skin of her rear leg. An ultrasound on Monday will show if it is in her organs but blood and pathology tests during surgery two weeks ago to repair the torn muscle showed no signs of cancer. Hayley's Mom

  51. These seems really dangerous if not treated on time. They may kill the pet as the pets can't help themselves so you are the one who needs to be cautious about their health without any miss.
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  52. First, thanks so much for your diet info and research. We have a 13 year old yorkie... the question is how much of each pill per the dogs weight do you mix with their food... IE: Grains, MG, ect. Thanks so much. Additionally, to keep the cancer away is this diet advised for well dogs too. FYI: my dog improved with changing her dog food to Acana... they have no grains or carbs, at least per the label.

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